This weekend, in an attempt at brotherly affection, Caed tried to hold Dani’s hand while sitting next to her in the car. Dani loves to hold Caed’s hand, but only when she initiates it. If it is not her idea, then forget it. So she responded (quite predictably) with a squeal and tried to bat his hand away. He tried again. She squealed louder and threw in a couple of “no”s for added impact. Becky jokingly said to Caed, “She’s saying no, bud. You should probably learn early on that when a girl says no, she means no.” Caed threw his hands on top of his head and and responded with exasperation, “But I MEAN YES!”
On another totally random note, the photo above is over a year old. As much as they have changed in a year, it’s crazy to see how they are still the very same--Dani with her happy-mouth-wide-open look and Caed with his eyes-closed-pursed-lips-smile, showing his sister that he adores her no matter what. Even if she means “no” and he means “yes”....

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