Oh Daddy Where Art Thou?

Every time Larry goes back to his “regular” schedule after having a month without call, the whole family goes into withdrawal. Larry has worked every day (yes, Saturday and Sunday included) and a few nights since he returned home from his Georgetown elective. And most of those days have been 15+ hour days, meaning the kids don’t see him in the morning or the evening. So this morning, right after he woke up, Caed told me he was going downstairs to see what Daddy was doing.
I relayed the bad news that Daddy was already at work, and Caed quickly replied, “But he was already at work all night, and all week, and he can’t keep working like this! Because he needs his rest, and I need to PLAY WITH HIM!”
I have no comprehension of how tough it must be for Larry to work day and night, in a high stress, high stakes environment, where there is always work hanging over his head, waiting to sabotage even his infrequent days off. But I have to go on record saying that if I was in his shoes, I doubt I would be able to do what he does when he walks in the door after a 30+ hour shift. He builds with legos. He plays hide and seek. He teems with excitement about the kids “surprises” (scribbled art work) and listens with rapt attention as they reveal big news of the day ( I got a lollipop today because I ate all my dinner!).
Caed and Dani are immeasurably blessed to have a Daddy who gives so much of himself even when he is completely spent. So thanks, Larry, and hang in there!

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