Lions and Tigers and Sea Gulls, Oh My!

This is how the conversation transpired, as Caed and I made our way to Target.

"Mom, what kind of animals eat people?"

"There are no kinds of animals that live near us that eat people."

"What about lions and tigers?  I know FOR SURE that they eat people sometimes.  And do sea gulls eat people?"

I replied with a  long rambling answer, explaining that lions and tigers don't live around here, and sea gulls often eat people's food, like at the Lobster Shack, but not the people themselves.  (And, thank you, Madagascar and Lion King, for bringing to life for my four year old the story lines about animals eating animals, and people eating animals, and animals eating people.  And for thoroughly confusing me about how the heck to explain anything eating anything.  I am longing for the days when it was just about pasta and cheese....)

"Well, do lions and tigers live in 'jinya?"

"No, they don't live in Virginia either."

"Well, then, we should live there again.  Because I need to be able to see Max all the time.  He is my favorite friend, and we really like to play with the Pirate Ship he has."

Minutes later, as we arrived at Target and were greeted by some wicked cold wind, I remarked, "Wow, it's so windy here."

To which my pre-K smarty pants replied in unmistakable I-told-you-so tone, "Mom, it's ALWAYS windy at this Target.  If we were in VIRGINIA, it would not be so windy and cold.  I TOLD you we should move back there." 

I'm not sure I've got it in me to argue his point.  So look out Max and the Pirate Ship.  Ready or not, here we come.  And if Caed has his way, it seems we'll be moving in permanently.

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