All That Glitters

Frankly, I was just getting tired of hearing, "But Maaawum, you NEVER let us use the glitter!"

That's right, kids. I never do. I don't even know why we have a stash of glitter in the art box. What kind of lunatic carpet-hater do you have to be to actually BUY glitter, not to mention to permit it to be opened.


It was a nice morning. And I figured the chipmunks wouldn't care if we (g)littered their deck with sparklies. (Yes, the deck indeed belongs to the chipmunks. It appears they closed on the property last month and are now living the American rodent dream, raising 12.2 kids within the confines of their brown lattice fence.)

So out we went with paper and glue in hand. When I saw how happy it made them, I felt a bit guilty for withholding the glitter as long as I had.

Then I took note of the mess on the deck, and all guilt completely washed away. Unlike the glitter, which will probably still be there when the snow of 2011 melts.

And when it comes to paper fighter jets, everyone knows that glitter on the wings is essential. You know, to distract the enemy. Ooooh, shiny!
For the record, it is not a wise choice to test the glittery flying powers of your creation by hurling the jet-o'-sparkles toward your sister's face. Because even though you didn't mean for her to go nose to nose with the airplane, chances are your plane's gonna be grounded.

So what's your take on glitter? Accessory to all that is lovely or the root of all evil?
As for me, I'm just glad we used the rest of the glitter. And no, kids, I will not be buying more. But Maaw-uummm.....

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