13.1 - Because I'm only half crazy

My post-race self portrait
You guys, I did it!! I finished my first half marathon! In 1:53:29!

I'm one bad mother runner, eh? (Sorry, saw that on a t-shirt and couldn't resist.)

And I have to confess, I'm totally hooked on this distance. The half is the first race I've run where I literally felt great the entire time. (Which in retrospect--and only in retrospect--makes me think I could have pushed myself a bit harder.)

The weather was perfect--for running, that is--overcast and misting. The course wasn't breathtakingly scenic, but it was relatively flat, with a nice downhill finish. I'm not sure it could have gone any better (especially in comparison to my first "attempt" at a half marathon). 

Larry asked me after I got home what I thought I'd try next--a full marathon, or maybe a faster half.  I told him I wasn't sure. Maybe a marathon (big, big maybe). Probably another half, and hopefully faster. But as for what's next, as in definitely? A Mojito, an oversized grilled cheese and fries, and two ibuprofin.

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