The Most Amazing Day I Ever Had Yet

Warning: This post may contain excessive levels of shameless bragging and unbridled parental pride. Potential side effects include nausea, excessive eye rolling, and a sudden urge to click away. Should you experience any of these symptoms, please consult your browser for less inflammatory content.  

How is it that winter plods at marathon pace and summer feels like an all-out sprint? I feel like I'm shoving a seven-course meal into my mouth in the same amount of time it takes to eat a PB&J. I'm so very full. All delicious things, and it's impossible to say no to another bite.

On Monday morning, we woke the kids up at 6:30 a.m. to head out for Caed's first race. That's right. We woke the kids up. Have we lost our minds? Quite possibly.

But our little guy really wanted to participate in a local fun run/ 1-miler, and had proved his determination in a "training run" with me on Friday. And, seeing as I planned to run alongside him as his designated "trainer",  I was admittedly just as excited as he was.  Maybe more so.

The last time Caed and I ran together, he kicked his legs against the stroller's foot rest and shoveled goldfish into his two-year old tummy for the entire three miles. And now would you look at him?

Four years of fitness makes quite a difference, eh? I don't know if this will be a landmark memory for him. But as his mother? This race was unforgettable. 

And did I mention he won 2nd place in his age group? And that he ran the mile in 9:05? And that I am so stinking proud of him I just might explode?
He ran his heart out, and took mine along with him.

But the day wasn't over. Not even close. (This post, however, might have to be, as the kids just woke up--not by my doing this time--and the day is about to get crazy again.)

Later that afternoon, when we met up with the cousins to watch a parade, Auntie 'Chelle bought everyone snow cones--a first for both my children. And within a few bites, Caed's second loose tooth came wiggling out.
On the way back from the parade, Caed reflected on the last several hours. "Second place in my first race, a snow cone, and a lost tooth! It's like the most amazing day I've ever had yet."

Yes, big guy, and the fireworks are still to come.

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