I'm just not that into this

Things I have enthusiasm for right now:

  • reading books
  • writing on paper
  • running
  • zumba
  • dark chocolate peanut M&Ms
  • guitar lessons
  • mojitos
  • Pandora channel custom mix: Of Monsters & Men, Vampire Weekend, Rogue Wave
  • algebra (did you see that pig that just flew by?)
  • making random lists, commas and double dashes
Things I have no enthusiasm for right now:
  • reading blogs
  • writing online
  • flossing
  • politics
  • bathing the dog
  • anything by Bon Iver
  • yoga (I've tried, I really have; but it still feels like a chore I do only to stay injury free so I can run.)
  • keeping the house clean
  • proper punctuation
I left the family off ether list because it goes without saying they are my entire world and can't fit on a list of any kind. And because the things I do for the love of them could wind up on both lists-- like watching seven year olds play soccer (into) or watching seven year olds play soccer in the pouring rain (not into). Or like seeing their massive Lego creations (into) or stepping on remnants of aforementioned Lego creations (not into). You get the idea.

So I have no idea whether I will be gone from here for a while or for good. Or maybe I'll be back tomorrow. (That would be a classic Jo move--to announce I don't feel like blogging anymore and then start blogging prolifically.)

So, what are you into right now? Or not into?

Dollar store easter crap: No enthusiasm
Little boy wearing dollar store easter crap: So very much enthusiasm

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