Maine Maple Weekend

This morning we headed out for a pancake breakfast at the Snell Family Farm in honor of Maine Maple weekend. Lest you get any big ideas and think that the harvesting of sap/syrup in the “Sugar Shack” heralds the coming of spring, take a look at these pictures.

That white stuff you see coming down is not excess fluff from the Easter bunny, or marshmallow confetti. In spite of the snow, we still managed to have a yummy breakfast and lots of fun with our friends who met us out there (the Norfleets & Nightingales).

Best of all, we enjoyed some quality time with Dad. His vacation this past week and weekend was just what the doctor ordered! And when we got home, we even built a fire--for the first time all winter. (I didn’t have a clue how to build one, and Larry hasn’t been home long enough to show me how). The morning turned to afternoon, and as the fire dwindled, everyone settled in for a long winter’s nap. Except me, of course, because I wanted to stay up and blog. And technically, Caed is still awake too. I can hear him upstairs building a fort out of his pillows and stuffed animals. Oh, and there goes Dani as well. That girl’s got lungs like a fire alarm. Oh well, it looks as if the “long winter’s nap” concept is not quite catching on here. But it was a nice thought, right?

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