Quips & Quotes of the Week

“We should take care of the eardt by ‘cyclin’ more t’ings and not usin’ too much water all the time. - Caed, after learning about Earth Day at school. (He now uses the water conservation excuse when he does not feel like washing his hands or taking a bath).

“I like to drink water cuz it gives me more enjury (energy)”. -Caed, on the merits of aqua.
Upon explaining to Caed why I couldn’t pick him up (my back was sore from working in the garden, a sign that Mom is getting old), he retorted, “Mom, you’re not OLD. You’re NEW. Cuz God made you ‘pecial!”

“Quickwy, go quickwy, Mom! We have to hurry or the strawberries won’t get out of there.” Caed, while he was “helping” me clean out the overgrowth of weeds in the strawberry bed.

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