Worker on the 'Puter

It appears as though Mommy’s career is making a comeback. It used to be that Caed would talk of nothing but being a “doc’or”. But in the last few days, he has taken to imitating yours truly. Yesterday, he told me he “had work to do when we got home.” I asked him what he needed to do and he replied, “I need to finish my website.” He then went to the window in the office and used the sill as a keyboard. When Sheridan tried to stand next to him at the window (suddenly that was the ONLY window that had any appeal to stand by), he chided her, “Dani, I am trying to get my work done. Do not touch the ‘puter ever again!”

This morning we decided to do some coloring before heading out to playgroup. He began writing his As entirely on his own. (Thanks to Dad for starting to teach him how to write his letters!!) Then as he was finishing up, he said, “I work on Thursdays, Mom, but today I am just hangin’ out.” I asked him what other days he worked, and he said...”Mostly Mondays and Thursdays, and then on Tuesdays I hang out with you and Dani.” “What do you do when you work?” I asked. He quickly retorted, “I told you yesterday, Mom. I work on the ‘puter doin’ my website!”

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