Cutiebatootie Goes To School

Guess who finally got to go to school?
Excited much?

Reportedly, her favorite part of school is snack time, with playground time taking the runner-up spot. I'm sure that deep down she really goes just for the academics. She's probably just pretending to like recess the best to blend in with the cool kids. You know, the ones with the Dora back-packs and the light up sneakers.


This morning I was combing her hair, and she handed me the two (mismatched) barrettes she wanted to wear. I clipped them into her fine strands, and she smiled in the mirror. "I look cutie as a tootie," she declared.

Oh yes you do, Darlin'. I might go as far to say you look cuter than a tooter.

Sigh. I love that girl.
(I also love that I now have two whole hours to myself three glorious days a week, but I'll save that for another post.)

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