Maybe Even Happier

I was wrong.
Apparently there is such a thing as too much kettle corn.

They should put a warning on those 500 lb bags they market as "small":

May result in loss of motivation and extreme laziness. Women who are, or are considering, going for a long run later in the day should not consume in any quantity. Other side effects include napping, crashing, and ruining your dinner.
Today we joined some friends at a fall fun festival at a local farm. As you may have guessed, I ate too much kettle corn. But other than that, it was a perfect afternoon.

After enjoying a horse-drawn hayride, Dani asked, "Why do all da horses have hair? Are dey all gurls or somet'ing?" Then, as we explored the slides and trails in the woods, she passed by a wooden cut-out of Johnny Appleseed, and exclaimed, "Look Mommy! It's Apple Johnny! Apple Johnny! Apple Johnny!"

I have no idea why she was so excited about Apple Johnny, aka Johnny Appleseed. She interjects her enthusiasm randomly.


It was a sweet afternoon, one to remember, to pile up among the others I've charted here.

I think one day, when I sort through the piles, when the kids are no longer kids and come back to line up their memories with these pictures and words, we will all be grateful to know that it was real. That we really were this happy, and maybe even happier than we remembered.

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