Halloween was SO Four Days Ago

I interrupt this blog to post a few Halloween pictures so the grandparents can all rest assured that their grandchildren are as darling as ever, even though the aforementioned children refuse to listen to their doting mother and continue to grow like weeds after I've repeatedly told them to stop.

The way Larry ages (way too gracefully) and Caed grows (way too quickly), my guess is they'll be mistaken for twins in a few more years.
And seriously, can you believe how big Dani has grown?
Oh, okay, you got me. That's not Dani. The sweet smile above belongs instead to my favorite eight year old niece. I still have plenty of time before my darling preschooler turns eight--by my calculations, roughly three or four days.

So here's the one of Dani-girl, dressed up as Ladybug Girl. You can see that Halloween totally bums her out.
And here's a shot of several of the cousins before we headed out. (Not pictured: a team of FBI agents and Superman. They must have been off saving the world at the time. Or plotting a massive candy extraction mission.)
Happy four days after Halloween, everyone!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I promised the FBI/Superman team I would help them rid the world of all unclaimed reeses cups before sundown, and I don't want to let them down. And by unclaimed, I mean the ones that might have been in bags labeled "Dani" and "Caed" just minutes ago, but by some inexplicable mystery have fallen out onto my kitchen counter....thus rendering them unclaimed.

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