How A Snow Day Is Done

You know what I always say.
If you can't do it wearing your superman cape, it's probably not worth doing.

And what good is a snow day if you can't stay in your polka-dotted pajamas all day long? And why even bother to make cookies if you aren't going to eat at least a spoonful of dough? Anything less is a than three chocolate-chip-laden dollops is a tragic waste of opportunity.

And at the end of the day, when Mom sends you upstairs to start cleaning up your mess of epic, cooped-up-for-the-day proportions, there's a surefire way to weasel your way out of it without any consequences.

All you have to do is spontaneously start reading to your little sister. Keep it going for about a half hour, or at least until she gets a good video. And bam--you're golden.

And that, my friends, is a how a snow day is done.

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