Go Buckeyes

So, let's assume that the three feet of December's snow melted within a two-day 50-degree thaw, and you can see the lawn for the first time in four weeks. Let's also assume the cold snapped back, this time with a stronger bite, and it's a whopping 18 degrees and windy. What's your first impulse?

Yeah, that was mine too. Brew coffee. Start a fire. Sit. Drink. Stoke the fire. Repeat.

But when you're a kid in Ohio, and just a teensy bit obsessed with football, and more specifically, Ohio State football, a clear lawn means a football field.
So you beg your mom to go outside without wearing a coat, because it would ruin everything if you had cover up your "uniform". Because it's imperative you can look like a "real Ohio State player."

And you rope your little sister into cheerleading.
And then you rope your mom into coming outside to pose as Wisconsin. And of course Ohio State tromps Wisconsin. (What? A kid can dream, right? And a mother has every right to throw the game when her only goal is to get back inside before her fingers fall off at the knuckles.)

Three hours until kick-off, folks.

Go Buckeyes.

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