Brain Freeze (AKA This Is My Brain On Winter)

I am up to my mailbox in snow, up to my nose in tax forms, up to my waste in winter weight yoga pants.
I am low on vitamin D and sometimes life, low on word counts and will power to turn off the TV.

The gas bill terrifies me. The laundry hill taunts me.

I clean like a madwoman in advance of a play date, only to discover via a concerned phone call that the play date wasn't scheduled to be at my house. And now we're a half hour late to the correct play date location.

Last night, I burned the rice. Yes. BURNED the rice. Seriously, who does that?

This is my brain.
This is my brain on winter.

Also? I have 10 miles to run this weekend if I aim to stay on track to run the half marathon (which I signed up for when it was still fall and gorgeous running weather--another wicked smart move on my part). And so I'm going to run outside, in below freezing temps, on packed snow, and one way or another--be it from the cold or from fatigue--my legs are going to feel like they might fall off. And that is when I'll ask the question. "Um, what exactly was I thinking?"

And the answer?
I wasn't.
Like I said.
This is my brain on winter.


Linked up to The Gypsy Mama's Five-Minute Friday. Her prompt today was "mail". And you can see how very beautifully I followed directions. I had good intentions starting out--what, with the word "mailbox" appearing in the very first sentence. And then did you see what my winter brain did from there? I know. It's scary.


p.s. Does anyone else have winter brain? Or am I the only one burning rice and missing play dates? Please just tell me something ridiculous you did recently, so I don't feel like the only one with intellectual hypothermia.

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