Five Minute Friday: Five Years Ago

On Fridays at Lisa Jo's place, she hosts a little tradition. She invites us to throw caution (editing, revising, and worrying) to the winds and just write. For five minutes flat. Today's prompt is "Five Years Ago." Ready? Here we go:

We were on our way home. I wrestled his car seat into the window seat, his pudgy 17-month old legs kicking against me in the Bjorn while I squeezed myself and a well-stocked diaper bag into the plane's cramped quarters. It was late, at least by a 1 year old's standards, and I was hoping my little boy would fall asleep.

He didn't.

Instead, we played a rousing ten rounds of "Toss the Pacifier." I lost all ten rounds and all six (yes SIX!) pacifiers somewhere in the recesses of the aircraft. When we dwindled down to paci #5, not knowing I'd actually mean it, I threatened, "Buddy, you throw your paci down one more time, and that means no more pacis for you. You're done. For good."

He threw it down.

And in a rare moment of parental follow-through, I brought the Pacifier Era to an end.


A bit of background I couldn't fit in my five minutes...

 We were on our way home to DC from Seattle where my sister Robin lived at the time. Robin's oldest girl was two years old, and her second little girl was only a few weeks old. My sister Michelle flew up from southern California with her youngest--then just shy of two years old--to meet us there for a bit of a girl's reunion. Caed was severely outnumbered.

What kills me is how five years can transform these little ones:

Into This:


Also, I'm no longer entertaining the delusion that I have enough discipline (and time) to commit to hosting a regular series around here. So I won't be bringing back Flashback Friday on a regular basis. That said, I just discovered that Mocha with Linda is hosting (much more reliably) a similar meme. So if you must have that Flashback Friday fix, head on over to her place.

Happy weekend, my friends!

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