At Ease, Soldier

It's okay to be quiet. It's okay to have nothing to say.

It's okay to be still, to freeze, to stop, to be.

It's okay to chase sunsets, and it's okay not to catch them. It's okay, even as evening grows dark, to rest, to stop, to be.

It's okay to leave the lights off, to lay pounding head on a pillow, to not get up when the phone rings or when the timer for the cookies goes off. (You might want to get someone to turn off the oven, though. Because it's probably not okay to burn down the house).

It's okay. It really is. The only real problem I see, with any of this, the only not okay thing is to keep going just for the sake of going. To keep talking just for the sake of being heard. To keep chasing just for the sake of not slowing. To keep busy just for the sake of feeling important.

Rest is a worthy purpose. And quiet is a worthy cause.

It's okay to just be.

In fact, it's more than okay.

(It's also okay to keep using old pictures from Maine because you miss the place like crazy and would give up your morning coffee for just a glimpse of that winter shore.)

Is it hard for you to give yourself permission to "just be?" How do you combat the temptation to be busy at the expense of being rested?

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