Eyes on the Giver

"When someone is counting out
gold for you, don't look at your hands,
or the gold. Look at the giver."

Eyes on the Giver, the counting continues...

#86 Always room on Nana's lap 
#87 Little legs kicking up cartwheels.

#88 Being asked to refereee donkey kick contests.

#89 Catching her in the middle of a made-up song,

#90 How she kept singing.

#91 Secret hideout under the drooping pine.

#92 Cross training opportunities springing from a snow-filled driveway.

#93 Ibuprofen. (I might have mentioned this one already?) Because shoveling snow is apparently much more taxing than running a half marathon.

#94 How they only came in after two hours because I bribed them with hot cocoa. 

#95 A truly wiggly tooth, not just his imagination.

#96 Sweet nieces who double as babysitters.

#97 A menu with no kids' options, and

#98 An evening with no kids.

#99 Muddled mint and lime.

#100 Latin American inspired calamari. Who knew?

#101 A forced early reservation turning into a chance to hit the bookstore after dinner,

#102 And then Trader Joe's.

#103 And I could list another dozen right here, all of them TJ's food,

#104 But I'll just mention the crispy crunchy chocolate chip cookies and leave it at that.

#105 A tooth lost!

#106 A note imploring the tooth fairy to please let him keep his first tooth,

#107 A note from the tooth fairy, allowing it, asking him to keep brushing his teeth well and to help his sister too.

#108 Under the pillow, a special book about Babe Ruth.

#109 His newly-gapped grin,

#110 Dani asking, "How did the tooth fairy know Caed is such a good reader?"

#111 And Caed adding, "Yeah, and she knows I have a sister too."

#112 Toothpaste all down her chin, from Caed "helping" her brush teeth, just like the tooth fairy told him.

#113 The way she danced down the aisle with the car seats, then stopped, hands on hips, pointing.

#114 "This is da booster I was talkin' bout! The one witd pink flowers!"

#115 Ahh, my baby-gone-girl buckling herself in.

#116 Bargain curtains, newly hung across the front window. (It only took me eight months after moving in.)

#117 Watching Ohio State win the Big 10 basketball tournament--

#118 Without broadcasting the full footage to the nice folks driving down our road. (Seriously, why did I wait eight months to put up a curtain?)

#119 Woodburning stove ablaze.

#120 Night pulling dark blanket over our heads.

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