The verdict

Thank you all for indulging me in that bit of ankle-gazing yesterday. I do realize that this "injury", this "dilemma" about whether to run doesn't even register on the scale of Life's Most Important Things.

After a two-mile test run yesterday, I decided not to run the half this Saturday. It wasn't awful, but I could tell from the first mile that trying to go another 12 would be a bad idea. Also, when my dearest friend who also happens to have a masters in exercise science and kinesiology screamed at me in all caps DON'T RUN! and then proceeded to type-sing the hip bone connected to the knee bone song, I took that as a pretty strong sign that maybe it'd be best to sit this one out.

I woke up today feeling really good about the decision, and actually pretty hopeful that I can recover fully and come back stronger. Besides, obstacles and set backs are what turn a good story into a great one, right? (Not that I fancy myself to be living in a middle-aged mother's version of Chariots of Fire or anything. At least not that I'll admit to you.)

So I'll be one-for-three as half marathons go. Not a great batting average unless it's baseball you're talking about. But I'm three-for-three in the picking up the tee-shirt and wearing it like a rock star category. And yep, I can totally live with that.

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