Saturday Evening Blog Post: May

So when blogging frequency drops (as it clearly has for me), there is one distinct advantage. It's much easier to choose a post to link to Elizabeth Esther's Saturday Evening Blog Post.

I chose this one, where I wrote about mother love, about how words don't do the feeling justice. Which is funny really, that I used words to describe the inadequacy of words. (Dear Words. I'm sorry to throw you under the bus. Everybody knows that it's not you. It's me.)

I also need to take a quick poll. Did anyone else not realize that May was over until just now? Seriously.

p.s. May, we need to have a talk. Because you were supposed to show up for 31 days straight, and I swear you gave me 2 weeks tops before skipping town in your tight white capris and strappy sandals. Which honestly, makes you look like you're trying to dress as if you're June. It's a little pathetic, if you ask me. Put on some nice khaki pants, why don't you, like any normal, self-respecting spring month would do.

p.p.s Dear Reader, it sounds like I'm losing it, doesn't it? I'm going to end this post now, before I start insulting the entire calendar year.

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