Hanging Around at the Gym

Bouncing on the trampoline definitely beats bouncing off the walls at home! Earlier this week, amid a spell of spring rain showers, our play group met up at the open gym at the local gymnastics academy. The kids had fun running, climbing, jumping, and swinging.

I admit that I’m hoping Dani will take an interest in gymnastics when she is a bit older. I loved the sport as a kid, so much so that I was borderline obsessive. I remember like it was yesterday, riding my bike to do my afternoon paper route and visualizing my beam and floor routines over and over, and daydreaming about winning the all-around at regionals in glorious underdog fashion. (Turns out that the last year I competed, I bombed at districts, and barely qualified for regionals, but I learned a valuable lesson about “relaxing and doing my best”. Yep, sorry to say I was high strung even at the tender age of 12!)

Anyway, it was great to see the kids having fun, and to watch them gain confidence with each new thing they tried. I’ve put a temporary restraining order on Dani’s confidence, though, as she has more confidence than her little body can handle. Notice in the pictures that her nose is a bit red? That can be attributed to her latest chair climbing stunt, in which she went nose to nose with the pavement, and lost miserably. She’s fearless and strong--perhaps the makings of a great gymnast?

And yes, I realize that I clearly no longer have the muscle memory (or the muscle) to do a single back layout with a twist. (The only thing I can do with a twist these days is a martini.) But that’s the beauty of having kids-- now I get to live vicariously!


Worker on the 'Puter

It appears as though Mommy’s career is making a comeback. It used to be that Caed would talk of nothing but being a “doc’or”. But in the last few days, he has taken to imitating yours truly. Yesterday, he told me he “had work to do when we got home.” I asked him what he needed to do and he replied, “I need to finish my website.” He then went to the window in the office and used the sill as a keyboard. When Sheridan tried to stand next to him at the window (suddenly that was the ONLY window that had any appeal to stand by), he chided her, “Dani, I am trying to get my work done. Do not touch the ‘puter ever again!”

This morning we decided to do some coloring before heading out to playgroup. He began writing his As entirely on his own. (Thanks to Dad for starting to teach him how to write his letters!!) Then as he was finishing up, he said, “I work on Thursdays, Mom, but today I am just hangin’ out.” I asked him what other days he worked, and he said...”Mostly Mondays and Thursdays, and then on Tuesdays I hang out with you and Dani.” “What do you do when you work?” I asked. He quickly retorted, “I told you yesterday, Mom. I work on the ‘puter doin’ my website!”


Quips & Quotes of the Week

“We should take care of the eardt by ‘cyclin’ more t’ings and not usin’ too much water all the time. - Caed, after learning about Earth Day at school. (He now uses the water conservation excuse when he does not feel like washing his hands or taking a bath).

“I like to drink water cuz it gives me more enjury (energy)”. -Caed, on the merits of aqua.
Upon explaining to Caed why I couldn’t pick him up (my back was sore from working in the garden, a sign that Mom is getting old), he retorted, “Mom, you’re not OLD. You’re NEW. Cuz God made you ‘pecial!”

“Quickwy, go quickwy, Mom! We have to hurry or the strawberries won’t get out of there.” Caed, while he was “helping” me clean out the overgrowth of weeds in the strawberry bed.


The Marsh Trail

We paid a visit to the Marsh Trail (part of the Eastern Trail) last Friday. It was gorgeous even without the trees and plants in full bloom. The kids stayed in the stroller for the better part of the 4 miles we walked, spotting egrets, squirrels, sea gulls, and “mean birds” (Caed’s term for the black crow).

When they did get out to romp, they were inseparable. Caed insisted on holding Dani’s hand (to keep her from falling into the marsh), and Dani insisted on being always in Caed’s shadow. For the last half mile, they both hopped back in the stroller because Caed decided that he needed to save some of his energy for later. When asked why the sudden need for conservation, he replied, “So I can play and be crazy when we get home.”

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