The Promised Land

“And in the promised land, it’s gonna be so grand, we’ll have our fill from the grill, as much as we can stand. It’s gonna be so great, put waffles on my plate, cuz we’re goin’ to the promised land!”
As Bob the Tomato and Larry the cucumber (also known as the Boyz in the Sink) belted out this song on the way to school, in classic Veggie Tales fashion, Caed piped in. “Mom, where’s the promised land?”

I fumbled around with an answer about Moses, the Israelites and a land promised by God, trying to come up with an explanation that would satisfy a three year old. It must have been pretty good, because instead of the usual half-dozen “why”s, I heard,
“Mom, will you take me and Baby Dani to the promised land? Maybe when we get older?”

“Bud, it’s not really a place I can take you....”

“But I WANNA go to the PROMISED land MAWWWM!” (crying/whining).

“Well, whining definitely isn’t gonna get you into the promised land. So unless you want to wander in the wilderness for 40 years, let’s choose to have a happy heart, okay?”

“Why you say ‘wander in da wil-ner-dess, mom’? Can we do that next time?”

Hmm. I’ll have to get back to you on that one, Caed.

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