Authentic Moments in the WWF

And by WWF, we mean “Wrestling With Father”. For the last couple of weeks, Larry has been arriving home from work at a decent hour, allowing time to play a bit before the kids go to bed. They’ve made up a game in which they run down the hallway and into our room where Daddy is on the floor, supposedly playing the “bad guy” and “trying to get them”. In reality, he just sits there and they run right to him! They love to be caught by Daddy and to wrestle their way out of his arms, only to be caught again.
I captured these laughter-drenched moments on video recently, and have posted a quick version above. If you want to hear the full audio (cackling and wrestling sound effects included), you can check out the unabridged video posted on the web gallery. Betcha can’t watch this without smiling!

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