A Golden Weekend

Larry had what the residents call a “golden weekend” this past weekend. It’s the term for getting two full days off in a row. It doesn’t happen often. But when it does, I’d have to agree that it is nothing short of golden.

Some highlights from our golden days with Dad:

1) We rode bikes out to Bug’s Light (the very same 15 mile ride I made with the kid’s last week). This time, Larry pulled the trailer. What a difference 60 pounds of dead weight makes. The ride was SO much more enjoyable when I didn’t have to concentrate on not passing out on the side of the road.

2) We stopped for a pizza picnic midway through the ride, and dined alongside the ducks. Dad let Caed indulge in some orange soda, and helped Dani take “big bites” right off the slice.

3) After pizza, the kids ran around in the gazebo and played “dingbat with Dad”. This is the aptly named game where Larry hangs the kids upside down and spins them around yelling, “Ding-bat! Ding-bat! Where’s the ding-bat??” (See pictures below for supporting evidence of this beloved--and perhaps insulting--game).

4) When we got to the lighthouse, it was getting late, and we thought we’d just turn around. But Caed convinced Daddy to let him out so he could walk all the way to the light house rail like a big boy. I waited by the bikes while father and son cast their long sunset shadows on the light house path.

Nothing short of golden.

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