Noodles of Fun at Macaroni Island

On Monday, we skipped school and work to skip some rocks and skip around at Mackworth Island, also referred to as Macaroni Island, by our 3.5 yr old adventure hiker. The real treat was that Dad got to come too, having a few days off from work. He set the record for the most skips (five!), and Dani set the record for the most falls (I stopped counting after five). Her equilibrium was apparently a bit off, as we noticed halfway through the walk that she had some “drainage” (this is the nice word for it) coming out of one ear. Me being the genius Mom that I am quickly connected the THAT’s why she was up crying all night!

Anyway, Dani’s ear infection aside, we had a great morning, and will definitely be going back soon for more hiking adventures.

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