And the caption reads...

“Hey Dani. Let’s conspire against Mom and refuse to look at the camera and smile at the same time.”
The pictures that follow are even further proof that there are some things better left to the professionals.

As luck would have it, a coupon for a free portrait sitting just arrived in the mail. I am taking it as a sign (in conjunction with the 53 not-so-happy holiday photos just downloaded from my camera) that I should get professional help at long last. I’m talking about the Christmas card photo. What did you think I meant?

And just for kicks, here’s the photo that turned out the best:
And this one would have been okay too, if not for the “props” (the blanket and her toy radio) that I couldn’t get Dani to put down:

Finally, to give you a taste of why the still-life shots were not so still, here’s a video clip from the photo shoot, in which Caed randomly obsesses about doing the crab walk and Dani staunchly refuses to put down her blanket.

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