Happy Halloween!

I must apologize in advance to the grandparents. We traveled up to Camden for trick-or-treating (so Dad could participate), and of all things, I forgot the camera. It was a double-whammy because that Friday was an unbelievably beautiful day in central coast Maine, with abundant autumn hues, clear blue skies, and about a hundred picturesque posing points. If I had a dime for every time I thought “that would be a great picture”, I’d have enough to buy a new camera.
The kids did seem to enjoy the trick-or-treat experience on what is purported to be the best street for trick-or-treat in the state of Maine. However, Larry and I would probably not endorse this location quite as enthusiastically. The street was so packed it was chaotic. At one point, I think I counted 5 spiderman impersonators in a 15 foot radius. I was relieved when Caed asked to take his mask off, so I could keep better track of my super hero.
So these pictures are admittedly post-Halloween, and you’ll note they refused to put down their toy phones for the photo shoot. Spiderman insisted he was manning the emergency dispatch. And the butterfly, well she was probably waiting for a text about the raging monarch party going down at the botanical gardens.

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