I better post this straight away!

This evening, as we were driving home from school, Caed informed me, “I am so, so, so, so hungry, and that means you need to make me dinner STRAIGHT AWAY.” Not sure when my easy-going American preschooler morphed into a demanding British bloke. I suppose I mustn’t ever underestimate the influence of our imaginary friends in the U.K., namely, Thomas and Fireman Sam.
Also of note, Caed is proudly sporting a flight jacket that Will (the neighbor boy who lives across the street from our old house) gave him before we left Alexandria. He wanted me to get a picture of him in it so we could show Will what a big boy he is now that he lives in Maine. So here’s an internet shout out to Will (and the entire Bayliss Drive bunch)! We miss you guys!

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