Go on in, Dear. The water's fine!

Looks peaceful, doesn't it? You can thank Mr. Croppity Crop for this one.
Because lurking on both sides of this serenity were some sandy-toed preschoolers, one of whom was pretending to be a crab by doing the bear walk. Which I'm sure makes perfect sense when you're three.
Yes, this particular preschooler--the one I'm allowed to photograph ad nauseum, the one with the crazy eyes and not-quite-as-chubby-as-they-used-to-be little knees--Yes, her. Well, she has this thing about water.

Namely, she loves it. LOVES it. And even when the ocean is cold enough to make a sea gull shiver, my little girl could not care less.

"C'mon Mama! C'mon!" she prods. "I not cold," she shakes her head, denying all knowledge of her goosebumps as she steps forward to meet the tide.Our days of sharing a zipcode with sand and surf might be numbered, but we're going to enjoy it while it lasts.

(And by enjoy it, I mean I'll take lots and lots of pictures and leave the polar bear swims to the crazy chiquita in the pink suit.)


This post is linked to You Capture over at Beth's place, where the prompt is "Water."

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