In Which She Is Leading a Double Life. As an Owl.

If you had come to dinner tonight, you would have overheard Dani breaking out into a whole new world of chattiness. And you would have seen me laughing so hard that I nearly dropped the phone I used to record her saying this:

Guess what, Mama! I hab a p'ace par par away, and I live in a owl's mest (nest). And da other owls love me and dey are my brodders and sisters. And the birds are my priends. And we all go to 'chool, and we ride da 'chool bus all da time togedder. And we go on a magic 'chool bus cuz, cuz, cuz we want to. And we play soccer and eat popcorn...and go in cars...and ride on boats. And we eat some popcorn on da boat, and I don't get 'cared of da water. I eat popcorn with the Owls, cuz dey are with me in da nest. And when we move to Ohio, I can still go to dere, to par, par away where my owl pamily lives. Cuz I can f'y to my owl's nest SUPER past (fast). And I have an owl mom dere, and she is different than you because she is my owl mom.
Dani, I absolutely and positively adore you. Owlways and forever.

Pictured below: Dani and one of her "pwiends", on their way, perhaps, to the nest far, far away.

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