It's a rainbow wheel, spinning, and I stare at it for what feels like hours. I shake my head and pull at the roots of my hair, my signature not-getting-anywhere move.

It all started with a simple command.  
Now the school supplies list and corresponding coupons are locked in screen prison. And I'm wearing these hours like ill-fitting pants, tugging at the seams--the minutes--to make room, getting nowhere.

My boy goes back to school a week from today. I check the mailbox for the bus schedule, but it hasn't arrived. I return to the house, check the computer. Still spinning.

Should I just give up, force quit?


We arrived home from Becky's on Monday. Tuesday was a blur, and Wednesday--the day I deemed a catch-up day--threatens a similar fate. Spinning.

I intended to post pictures from our fun Virginia visit, but did I mention the Great Spinning Issue of 2011? So instead of an upbeat and silly recap of our trip, you get a melancholy-ish rant about my slow computer and my too-quick life. I'm just not ready to move on (and apparently neither is my Mac).

I'm not that guy in the Staples commercial going skipping through the aisles to the tune of "Most Wonderful Time of the Year." I'm that mom in the Target aisle on the verge of tears, and not just because Target is out of everything on my list and I should've gone to Staples, but because there isn't a darn thing I can buy to get me emotionally ready for another year of school, for my son to turn seven.

Oh, wow, would you look at that? A happy picture! (And this, only 18 hours after my first attempt. Notice how it's no longer Wednesday?)

My computer recovered nicely. I'm still awaiting the prognosis on my emotional operating system. I'm sure I'll get there eventually. I'll return to a stable hum. But it might take an ugly cry at the bus stop (crash! reboot!) before I do.


Alright, friends. How are you feeling about the start of a new season? Are you ready for school?  Are you mad at Target for being out of the glue sticks that you took five hours to print a coupon for? Or is that just me?

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