To Smooth the World's Edges

What if we rolled our Rs instead of our eyes,
if we gazed at faces instead of screens?

What if we wore our listening ears always (no more taking them off only to put them back on),
if we popped off our sunglasses so our eyes could smile along?

What if we tore away at defenses one disarming compliment at at time,
if we stopped screaming "hurry!" and started whispering "wait"?

What if we stopped looking around for something else, someone else, and simply loved and let ourselves be fascinated by the something, the someone right in front of us?

What if we did all of this?

Wouldn't we together sand at least a few harsh edges off the world?


I tend to get worked up about how we will ever feed the children in famine or rescue the women in slavery. I give too much weight to the things I can't fix and not enough weight to the things I can. But there are tiny things we can do to make the world a better place, to make someone's day.  And I've got to believe that the someones and their days add up.

What do you think? What small things can we do to smooth the world's edges, to make someone's day?

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