Tomorrow comes quickly

"I had the jitters last night before my big first day," he whispers as I tuck him in. "But only the good kind--the excited kind, not the nervous kind."

"I'm so glad you love school, Bud. So, so glad."

I kiss his forehead, rub the top of his freshly buzzed head, pull his beloved green blankie up to his shoulders.

When did he grow from only three weeks old to just three weeks shy of seven? And how did I get here--a mom not of babies or toddlers or preschoolers, but actual schoolers?

I'll tell you how. One night at a time.

One sleepless, restful, too long, too short night at a time. Growth takes them by the hand while they dream, leads my babies from one size to the next, too slow for my eyes to see, too fast for my heart to accept.

"Good night, big guy. Get some rest. Tomorrow comes quickly." 

Much, much too quickly.


Linked to The Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday. Disclaimer: I took a few minutes more than five to write the above as I hadn't intended to link up today. But then I saw Lisa Jo's prompt was "older" and well, it just fit.

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