The Christmas Edition

Caed was, well, like a kid at Christmas. From the moment he woke up to tucking him in that night, I’m pretty sure his eyes didn’t stop twinkling.

Some of our favorite quotes from the day include:

“I’m a doc’or, not a kid!” - Caed, upon being offered instruction from Dad in how to use his new doctor’s kit.

Caed was subsequently “paged” on his new Thomas phone to come into the hospital, to which he responded, “Ok, sick people, I will be right there. Love you. Bye.”

“It’s a toothbrush....and chocolate!” - Caed, explaining the gift he had carefully purchased for Dad.

"Look at all these exciting things to go into my mouth. I wonder if I can get to that wrapping paper before mom picks it up. Mmmm, this cardboard cover to my new Curious George book is just DElish.”
- Sheridan, pretty much all day long.

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