Welcome to Winter

The first few flakes of the season danced down from the sky onto our driveway early Monday morning. With barely four inches on the ground by 8 a.m., I set out to take the kids to school, their bags packed with every last item of winter gear known to mankind. The snow was still falling, but lightly, and the roads were plowed and easy to navigate. So imagine my surprise when we turned into the preschool parking lot and saw (gasp) NO cars, no lights, and ughh....no school. Seriously? This is northern New England. Surely they don’t cancel school for a few inches of fluff?

Bitter at the unnecessary schlepping in the snow that I had been forced to do (thanks to my failure to consult the cancellation list before setting out) I did what any parent would do. I swore under my breath with a decidedly “unhappy heart”. So much for getting oodles of work done at home with a hot cup of coffee, while the snow fell beautifully outside.

Well, as it turned out, Plan B was much more fun anyway. After spending what felt like an hour donning our winter garb, we finally made it out to play in the snow. Of course, 10 minutes later Caed announced he had to pee, and thus, a new challenge ensued of how to get out of 5 bazillion layers of clothes....only to put them right back on and go back out.

Potty breaks aside, we had a ball playing in the snow, making train tracks (snow angels are apparently sooo last year), throwing snow balls for Calli to chase, and sipping snowflakes with our out-thrust tongues.

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