A Memorable Birthday

So Dani, being the wild child that she is, brought in her first birthday with a memorable trip to the ER. It was actually quite ironic to be back in the hospital with her--exactly one year later at around the same time of day, holding her in her birthday suit while she squirmed and fussed. Deja vu all over again.

After a rousing celebration with her play group friends this morning (and ingesting enough red-frosted cupcake such that her cheeks rivaled the rosiness of Rudolph's nose), Dani went upstairs with her mama to get ready for nap. But not before mom got some laundry put away. And while that laundry was disappearing into the drawers, Dani made a dry-cleaning tag disappear--which may or may not have had a staple in it. Only time (and her diaper) will tell.

So next on the docket for the razzle dazzle birthday extravaganza was an encore of her cupcake and everything else she'd had that day--including a few papery scraps of the dry cleaning tag. (Note: it will be a long time before I ever eat another cupcake.) She continued to gag and hurl for the next two hours, acting as if there might be something stuck, so our pediatrician sent us off to the ER to get an Xray and a doctor's eye on our birthday girl. I guess Sheridan, knowing her Daddy had to work late, was determined to see him on the evening of her birthday. So we all spent the evening in the ER, with "the sick people at Daddy's work" (as Caed labeled them).

She's off to a great start, eh? Gotta say though, today was a wonderful albeit smelly reminder of what a precious and beautiful gift God has given us in Sheridan. I'm so thankful for her health, her spunk and her twinkly big blue eyes. And so glad to be celebrating her first birthday--no matter where!

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