It's snoowww-time!

I woke up this morning to the sound of Caed’s voice (which is not entirely unusual), chirping, “Mom, you won’t believe it. It’s snow-time outside. Aren’t you so e’cited about dat???”

Well, truth be told, I AM a bit excited. I love the first snow of the season. It’s not until say, snow #8 that I start grumbling about the salt and sand on the soles of my shoes. (I mean, if I’m gonna have sand tracked all throughout the house, it better be because we just spent the day soaking up the sun and surf at the beach. Not because of the schlepping we did through the Target parking lot.)

Oh, and just to keep you all up to speed, you should know that Caed has his own taxonomy for the seasons in Maine. Winter= Snow time. So solstice be darned, today was the first day of winter. Spring is otherwise known as “Jinya-time”. As Maine has no spring to speak of (unless you count the daffodils that bloom just after Memorial Day), we always find a reason to visit our friends in Virginia to enjoy a normal spring, at a normal time.

Summer is dubbed as Beach & Funtown/Splashtown season. We have been to Funtown only once, but it was enough for Caed to construct a whole season around it. It is entirely possible that I loathe Funtown as much as Caed loves it. But it will always have a special place in my heart, as it was the ONE incentive that enticed him to part with his pull-ups forever.
And then there is Autumn, my favorite season. Caed saw fit to leave this one as is, and for that I thank him.

Which brings us full circle to winter. And with that, we announce, ittt’sss SNOOOOW-TIME!

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