Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

This may very well be the only family outing in which it is entirely appropriate to hold a sharp object in one arm (such as a saw, say, for cutting down a tree), and a toddler in the other (such as a whiny little girl, say, who refuses to walk an inch on her own, that is, until she gets to the parking lot, at which time she is chock full of brazen independence).

Last week, we paid a visit to Beech Ridge Farm to participate in an 8-year old tradition of chopping down our Christmas tree. Caed helped us select the “bestest one” and yelled “timber!” at just the right time, as Daddy sawed it down at the stem.

Later that evening, after the kids finished baths and donned their PJs, they “helped” decorate the tree. I had intended on letting them do a few of their special ornaments (i.e. the ones they had made at school as craft projects, NOT the breakable ones). But they were so enthusiastic, they suckered me into letting them assist in putting up every last ornament.

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