This Week in Quotes

(1) We’re driving in the car and Caed pipes in completely out of the blue, “Oh no, Mom, I think the market is low today. It is going down and down, and people are losing lots and lots of money. That’s the bad news. But the good news is that we are not in the market, because we are in Maine, right?” (What makes this even funnier is that I literally have not said a word about the market in a couple of months, and I’ve only talked to Caed about it once or twice in totality).
(2) Keep in mind, I say “we’ll keep that in mind” a lot, like in response to a request that I’m not ready to grant. So on our way home from school tonight, Caed says, “You didn’t keep your mind, Mom. You said we were gonna watch the ‘dascar (Madagascar) trailer sometime, but you didn’t do it for me yet.”
(3) Dani has taken to parroting everything. For example, we sometimes play a speech game called “gotcha” with Caed. We practice words like “fire” and if he hears me say it incorrectly, he will yell out “gotcha”. Dani thinks this game is da bomb. So tonight at dinner, after we finished playing “gotcha”, I went to the fridge to refill the kid’s milks. And I pulled out the wine to pour a little something for myself. Just as I tipped the bottle, Dani literally screamed, “GOTCHA”, followed by giggling and squealing. It startled me so much that I nearly dropped the bottle. Yeah, kid. You got me!

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