Stop, drop & twirl

After dinner last night, the kids disappeared into Caed’s room. The peace tends to last only about two minutes, but on this particular evening, it was a solid ten minutes before I heard, “MOMMMM, YOU GOTTA COME SEE THIS!”

I never know what to expect when I hear those words. Will I find Sheridan with her face stuck in the doll house? Or a fort of destructive proportions, involving a full emptying of every last drawer, toy box and closet? Or perhaps a bit of human up-chuck and a dog who couldn’t resist?

Luckily, it was none of the above. I turned the corner to come up the stairs, and lo and behold, I saw two adorable cross-dressers. Caed had helped Dani put on his firefighter costume, and he had taken the liberty to model her butterfly apparel. Dani might have even pulled off the macho firefighter look, had it not been for the purple pacifier. Check out the video clip for the full demo on how to stop, drop and twirl.

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