About a Boy

It's official. My baby has graduated.

He completed the arduous curriculum:
1) Sitting still for circle time
2) Filling up a 20 gallon tub with "art" projects
3) Learning enough about insects, butterflies and animals to thoroughly stump his mama with very specific follow up questions.

He was involved in several extracurricular activities:
1) Frequent line leader
2) Drama (both on stage and off)
3) Captain of the Freeze Tag Team
4) President of the Lightning McQueen Fan Club.

His classmates voted him Most Likely to Never Stop Obsessing Over Thomas and his teachers awarded him Most Improved in Using His Words.

And now, my friends, I present to you, my pre-K graduate.

We love you, Buddy. May you never lose your enthusiasm for learning, your sensitivity to the people around you, and your delight in the simple pleasures of everyday. (And just this one time, great job not listening to your mommy, and going on ahead with the growing up.)

We're so proud of you!

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