Beach Going (With Diapers Showing and Laundry Growing)

The weather man predicted one day of sunshine for our weekday: TODAY.  There was no choice.  Ready or not, we needed to hit the beach.

I coaxed a few of our friends to join us for a picnic lunch. (I must be very persuasive, because even Kate agreed to abandon her laundry for another day to join us). 

"Don't worry about all the gear," I said to one friend. "We're just going to sit at the picnic tables for lunch and maybe play in the sand. I'm not even putting the kids in suits.  I mean, the water's still way too cold...."

Famous. Last. Words. 
The water was so cold and the kids were so bold that by the time we got their soaking selves back to the car, Caed announced, "Wow, we're shrivelin' so much!" (I think the word he was looking for was shivering, but a little more time in the water and they might have shriveled too.)

Dani started the morning with a lovely Cape Cod look.

Lovely, that is, until she got knocked down in the surf and I had to resort to the random change of clothes in the car. I KNOW.  Classy, right? I'm afraid it might be her signature look. Something we like to call "kids being kids and moms trying not to worry about all the places sand might be discovered hours later..."
And check out this sweet picture of Caed before he put his "WHOLE self in the water ALL THE WAY!"

But by far my favorite moment captured today was this leap toward the ocean: 

Feet separated from their shadow, he was literally walking on air. Now tell me that doesn't beat the heck out of doing laundry!

As we pulled away from the beach a little past noon, Caed piped up, "Thank you SO MUCH for a fun day, Mom." 

"It's not over yet, Bud."

"I know, but it was so good already that I just had to say it."

Amen to that, Little Man. AMEN.


I'm linking up again with Emily for Tuesdays Unwrapped. I can't help but love this series, as it continues to encourage me to make the choices I know I won't regret--like letting the laundry go a little longer to enjoy a fleeting sunny day with the kids....

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