Dear Summer Weather Pattern: Seriously?? REALLY?!

This past week, we gathered for the annual House Staff Lobster Bake. (An event so notoriously hampered by rain that the activities committee is considering renaming it: "Seriously. Our One Sanctioned Afternoon Away From the Hospital and Not Even An Ounce of Sunshine. Really?? Seriously!!")

We did fare better than the lobster, so really (seriously!!), who can complain? Not these two, I'll tell you!

Caed decided he loves lobster after all:

And playing in the rain didn't dampen their spirits one drop:

Thankfully, the week bestowed one semi-sunny day upon us. And of course, you know where we went. That's right, straight to "da beeeech!" (Note that Dani knows no other way to say the word "beach" than to take 10 full seconds and span an entire octave).

When we first arrived, the fog was pretty thick. I optimistically applied sunscreen and told Caed we'd have to hope that the sun burned through the fog.

To which he inquired, "Are the sun and the fog having a battle?"

"Yes, something like that," I humored his need to relate everything back to an archetypal struggle between good and evil, or just to Star Wars. (He gets the award here for knowing the most one possibly can about a movie one's never even seen).

"Oh boy, I t'ink the sun's gonna win! Cuz I know how the sun gets rid of the fog. Do you know, Mommy? Well, it uses its sunny pokers and blasts the fog like pow, pow pow!" (Commence sun-gun hand motions).

All it took was Caed's vote of confidence, because within the hour, the sun gun had wiped out the fog.

Today it rained yet again. (Seriously?? REALLY!?) It seems we're allowed only small doses of sunshine at a time, and we apparently used up our weekly allotment of 15 minutes in one day.

So this morning when we woke up to another wet day, Caed had finally had enough. And I quote:
"Oh no, not rain! I don't want rain. I want a big storm of SUNNY!"

And once again, I must wholeheartedly agree with the four year old...

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