The point is...hmm...there might not be one...

I found this little doozie of a post in my drafts folder. It's possible it's been there since 1991, back when I was using the beta version of Blogger, and Al and I were still trying to work out the kinks on the whole world wide web initiative.  The point is, it's pretty old. 

(Isn't it annoying how I always have to say "the point is" after I've already wasted a few sentences of your time? I mean, why don't I just LEAD with what the point is and spare us all?)


I've been wanting to do a little de-lurking exercise here, since I've added a handful of readers besides my Mom and the occasional sibling. And perhaps it's the nature of blogging, but I'm feeling a tad bit noisy. Like I do ALL the talking. And so you naturally know more about me than you ever wanted to know. And I know very little, or perhaps nothing about you. It's kind of like I'm the rude talky drunk at the party, and you're the sober person across the room watching the unintended "entertainment" and not saying a word.

So, my point is (I did it AGAIN), I'd like to hear a bit more from you. So (and here's where the old post comes in), I came up with a little ice breaker for us to play, inspired entirely by my immediate environment.

I present to you: 

What kind of kitchen appliance are you?
1) A slow cooker.  It takes a while for me to warm up, but I'm worth it in the end.
2) A blender. Because I'm always mixin' things up.
3) A pressure-brew coffee maker. Because I work well under pressure, especially when coffee beans are involved.
4) An oven. Well, the first thing is, I'm H-O-T-hot, but I also delight in flippin' out the dishwasher people about whether they turned me off or not. (Better check!!!)
5) An old toaster. I might be a bit uneven now and then, but I'm the one you can't live without.
6) A microwave. Because I don't have time for this stupid quiz right now, okay??
7) A dishwasher. Must clean! (OCD) Must sanitize! (OCD) Must organize! (OCD) Must empty! (OCD) Must check the oven to make sure I turned it off...
8) A panini maker. Smash and burn, baby. (I'm prone to violence)

So here's your assignment. Tell me which kitchen appliance(s) you most identify with, or make up your own.  Or, just say hi and tell me something about you I don't know.  And if I already know you superfragicalistacally well, and you don't feel like adorning a kitchen appliance label, then just say hi and tell me what you had for breakfast or something.  (I know, Mom, you do that anyway, but today is the day you can post it on the blog and blame it on me for asking.)

So the (kitchen) floor is yours. Take it away, my friends!

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