But First, Lots of Summer Time - Part 3

If I'm not careful, we will be on Part 27 of this But First, Lots of Summer Time series before Labor Day. I blame it on Alexis. She's been taking far too many fantastic pictures.

It occurred to me this morning that I picked up four Maine summers for the price of three. Three winters. Four summers. It occurred to me this morning that I am a very lucky girl.

We happened upon our first tidal pool in the summer of 2007. Dani isn't pictured below as she was asleep in the stroller, my six month old chunky monkey. I remember when I took this picture exactly what the not quite 3 year old Caed said. "Look Momma! I'm twimmin!"

And now would you look at them?
This is what happens after three winters and four summers.
And this is exactly the sort of thing that makes me cry.

Our most wonderful babysitter in the whole world gave us a Maine A-Z book as a going away gift. I told her that wasn't at all necessary--a goodbye gift--because after all, she was coming to live with us in Ohio. What? Your fiance's not okay with that? Shoot. I thought we had it all worked out. Anyway, she gave us this book. And I love love love it. I think the kids do too, but really, who cares. I love it, and we're going to read it.

In the book, we read that the Maine coast as a chickadee flies is only 250 miles long. But if you trace every nook of the shore, you could walk 3500 miles and still not cover it all. More miles of coast than roads. No wonder I don't want to leave.

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