But First, Lots of Summer Time - Part 1

"We still live in Maine! We're not moving to Ohio until after we have lots of summer time!"
During last week's visit to our future digs, Caed explained this arrangement to anyone who would listen. The nice elderly woman at the rest stop. Our future landlord. His cousins. His Daddy's new colleagues.

Dani, if she was feeling particularly brave, would echo his sentiment. Usually several minutes after the conversation with the adult had ended. "We're going to da beach all da time, right Caed? And I always wear my pink twimmin' soup."

Well, if it is lots of summer time they want, then lots of summer time they shall have. And just to make the memories even more lovely, we invited my dear (and brave) sister Robin and her three precious girls to spend the fourth of July with us. And as if that wasn't fantastic enough, we decided to add one more dear friend and kindred spirit to the guest list. Alexis flew all the way from LA to hang out with us in this final stretch of summer.

And she brought her camera. (Cue the happy and maybe slightly jealous dance.)

So, courtesy of Alexis, I present to you...

But First, Lots of Summer Time - Part One
A Peak's Island Excursion

What does "lots of summer time" look like in your neck of the woods? Or on your stretch of the beach? Am I the only one drooling over a camera that starts with D and rhymes with Shinedy?

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