What Your To-Do List Will Never Tell You

I should be packing. At least that's what my bossy, controlling To Do List keeps telling me. It beeped at me yesterday. (It thinks it's all big and bad because it lives in my phone and has a fancy alarm.) I heard the beep and shouted, "You're not the boss of me!"

So in rebellion against the ugly list, I sassed and ran. The only things I'm packing today are lunches and a beach bag. Put *that* on your list and check it.

And then I dashed off toward the coast to meet up with Corinne and her darling beach babies. And while I have very few decent pictures to prove it, we had an absolutely lovely morning.

I started and ended the day in the exact same circumstances--with enough loose ends to make a mop, an overwhelming list of tasks, a pile of unknowns rattling my courage in ten minute intervals. But by choosing to rest, really rest, smack in the middle of prime-accomplish-stuff-time, I discovered unexpected gifts, the kind To Do lists never give. A soul refreshed, a heart encouraged, a spirit renewed.


Where (or in what) do you find refreshment and renewal? And if you say you find it by checking things off your To Do List, then (a) I probably won't believe you. But (b) I will still invite you to my house for the most refreshing and renewing To-Do-List-Tackling you've ever experienced. And (c) no worries, because I'll provide the boxes and the packing tape.

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