On Pumpkins and Brotherly Love

They were sitting eating breakfast when the wailing began.

I didn't hear the conversation leading up to the hiccuping sobs, but I quickly learned the reason.

"I (sob) want (sniff) Caed to gooooo wid me (sob) to da pumpkin paaaatch!"

"Oh hon, what gave you the idea Caed was going? He has to go to school. The pumpkin patch field trip is just for you and the friends in your class." I looked over at Larry and asked him with my eyes and a shoulder shrug whether he could believe this.

Fists covering her eyes, mouth wide open, Dani continued to cry.

"She must have heard her teacher say that brothers and sisters were welcome to join them on the pumpkin patch excursion." I told Larry. "No further proof needed than this that she adores her brother."

Meanwhile, Caed's stopped nibbling on his English muffin, his lower lip beginning to curl. "This is starting to make me sad, too." He admitted. "I just wish I could go with Dani."

Dani's tears ceased eventually, and both kids bounced back as we talked up the activities they could do together.

On our way out the door fifteen minutes later, I overheard Dani talking to her beloved big brother. "Don't worry, Caed," she said. "Even 'dough you can't go to da pumpkin patch wid me, I will pick out a 'pecial pumpkin for you."


By the time we arrived at the pumpkin patch, Dani was all smiles. "C'mon guys!" She shouted to her friends. "Let's go!"

And off they went, into the maize, around the hay bails, through the tunnels. I was surprised to see how assertive she acted around her peers. Without Caed around to boss guide her, she seemed so much older, like a totally different child. It almost pained me to see how all signs of my baby have disappeared, how she's grown into such a big girl.

And of course, she didn't forget her promise to Caed.

We returned home with a 'pecial pumpkin. One she picked out just for him.

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