That Little Kid

We took the kids ice skating this weekend. It was Dani's first time, and I managed to forget the camera. But I did take a few pictures with my phone, all of which were too blurry or too dark, except maybe this one. She's such a goofball.

She did great on her first time out on the ice. Not sure we can say the same thing for Daddy's back, which did the lion's share of "balancing" for her.


With every day that passes, Caed grows more and more sports obsessed. This season he speaks of nothing but American football. Every morning at breakfast he asks me how many days until the Buckeyes play. And then how many days until the Browns lose play. And then he asks whether I think the Buckeyes would beat the Browns, if they played against each other. And I say, "Who knows? They might."

He plays football at every recess, and reported back to me yesterday that the other team--the one with the bigger second graders--keeps calling him "that little kid". Apparently when he was tackled, one of the boys said, "I can't believe that little kid keeps getting up!" And then, (allegedly), after Caed scored a touchdown by running the ball, another kid said, "Man, nobody can stop that little kid!"

I asked him if it bothers him that they call him "little kid", and he said, "No, I like it because, I mean, after all, I am the littlest kid in my grade. And they are just surprised that I can be little and still score touchdowns."

So, it seems as though I might be raising Rudy.

I love that he's growing in confidence and independence. I just wish I could sneak onto the playground and take in a game every now and then. And you know, maybe confirm some of that little kid's story.

On a side note, is anyone else surprised that the children are allowed to play tackle football at recess? I thought by now all forms of good old fashioned, injury-prone fun would be banned in the school yard. But I'm glad it's not. I had to laugh when Caed told me he was "sore from football." I asked him if he got hurt when the bigger kids tackled him, and he said, "No, not that. I just hurt my knee a little when I did my special touchdown jump."

Sigh. I just adore that little kid.

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